Management Consulting

We deliver a unique service to small and medium businesses. We combine the insights of top-dollar business consultants with comprehensive service delivery priced to be affordable for smaller organizations.

We use off-hours experts from their respective fields, with a mix of large-scale and small business experience. You get access to consultants typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies and all the rich background they bring to the table.

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Business Process Improvement

DoubleStrike has long been a leader in helping organizations to achieve measurable return on investment across their business functions by leveraging current technologies.​

Such improvements can include overall process efficiency, cycle time reduction, automation of repetitive tasks, and workflows using automated decisioning to reduce low-value approval churn.

In addition, powerful dashboards and data visualization can mean the difference between reacting to market changes and not fully understanding the state of your business.

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Photographic Services

Keeping your branding and website fresh can require access to photographic services without the overhead of an expensive marketing company or advertising campaign.

​We offer reasonably-priced, high-quality event, architecture, and on-location digital photography for your business or personal needs. Use us for your next corporate event, activities such as sports or theatre, or for stock photography for use on your website or other marketing materials.

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